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    • How will the SBA-backed loan-application process be different than it was three years ago?

      Reilly: You need to be prepared to have more skin in the game. You can’t put 5% or 10% down and get a loan. Those days are gone. If you want someone to lend you money, you need to share the risk, and in a painful way. Depending on the lender, you should expect to put up 20% to 25%.

    • You need financial statements or three years of tax returns, and a business plan that explains what happened over the past two years. You need to know what you want to do and what it takes to do it, then figure out what it’s going to cost. You have to have a good, realistic plan. Don’t ask for less than you need. But don’t over-leverage yourself.
    • They want to make sure your business cash flows. They want to make sure your plan is realistic and will cover your debt service and leave money left over for the entrepreneur to live on.
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    • Drybar, a Los Angeles start-up that sells $35 shampoo and blow-drys—blowouts, in the trade—and not much else.
    • If I read you a long list of spices—cinnamon, marjoram, turmeric, etc.—you would remember the ones at the beginning and at the end
    • The ones in the middle would be a blur. That’s how people remember customer service.
    • Hi. Welcome to Drybar. Have you been with us before? Can I get you something to drink? I love your earrings.
    • Off-site reservation agents now handle calls.
    • people who can adjust themselves to the personality of the guest,” he said. “Everyone should be able to deal with someone who is depressed or with the no-nonsense businesswoman.”
    • Cool: I’d be happy to. Not cool: Sure
    • Walt Disney Company. “We always told the housekeepers, ‘You are not here to clean rooms. You are here to create a memorable experience for your customers,’
    • You want to start out with the two questions that really matter: Will you come back? and Will you refer your friends?
    • From his Nicole Miller days of sprinting after angry clients, Landau learned “the power of turning customers around.” Drybar’s co-founders and the experts agreed that resolving customer complaints is among the best ways to earn loyalty. In their book, Inghilleri and Solomon recommend lengthy apologies to give customers the chance to connect emotionally.
    • money is not always the best remedy. Particularly for customers who are not buying on price, he said, companies should consider a thoughtful present or service. He approved of Drybar’s restitution for an unusually long wait—which happens occasionally when the previous client turns up late or has vast quantities of hair. In that case, the client may receive a free scalp massage to help pass the time.
  • tags: seo

    • Search engines are a primary way people look for web sites, but they are not the only way.

      People also find sites through word-of-mouth, traditional advertising, the traditional media, newsgroup postings, web directories and links from other sites. Many times, these alternative forms are far more effective draws than are search engines. The audience you want may be visiting to a site that you can partner with, or reading a magazine that you’ve never informed of your site.

      Do the simple things to best make your site relevant to search engines, then concentrate on the other areas.

    • search engines shouldn’t be the sole source of how people gain traffic. I’ve written several times about search engines being fickle creatures that no one should build a business around.
    • Is your site accessible to search engines? Are you paying attention to your title tags? Are you thinking about the copy you write? And most of all — do you have good content?

      If you’re a start-up, do take Dixon’s advice not to expect that SEO will propel you to IPO heaven on a rush of traffic. Let’s face it — for a lot of start-ups, nothing is going to do that, because you’re pitching a new, unproven product that might not be the awesomesauce you believe.

  • tags: retail fashion

    • potential for high-fashion sales online
    • When shopping online, consumers respond best to items that feel “special,”
    • In order to transfer real life trunk shows online, Moda Operandi is capturing each runway piece in high resolution, with 360 degree bite-sized videos to boot. The site also boasts a membership-only structure intended to preserve an air of exclusivity.
    • Also vital for Of A Kind’s success thus far, its host: Tumblr. “You put up a picture and people re-blog it 200 times. You don’t have to do that much in terms of marketing,” Mazur says. “We’d been on Tumblr long enough to know … it’s a really beautiful, visual platform, and Tumblr is a breeding ground for early adopters.” Like Garmz and Fabricly, Of A Kind’s platform moonlights as a crowdsourcing tool. “Our blog section has been an incredible testing ground for us.
    • the biggest thing Of A Kind shoppers are asking for? “More social media integration … they want to be able to tweet about a purchase or add it to their Facebook page,” Mazur says. “They’ve asked to see how other people are wearing and styling our product.
  • tags: seo howTos infographics

    • Find information that can be visually represented.
    • Focus on content that triggers an emotional response.
    • Ways to add humor
      • Tips for Working with Designer

        • Get them involved early. I send over an email after the first brainstorm. I want them to be a part of the team, not just a tool I leverage to produce the graphic. I want them excited about it and feel a sense of ownership over the project as well.
    • $500 to help seed, which lead to 10,000 paid views, but we ended receiving about twice as many SU views as that due to free stumbles.
    • Find most influenced accounts to see who most RTs X person’s content. Use tools like Klout, TweetStats, or the Twitter API.
    • Do you have a PR team? Do you maintain relationships with major bloggers / journalist that can publish your content? Did you start nurturing relations with niche bloggers prior to pitching? We do.

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