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daily Diigo 03/06/2011

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  • tags: sports

    • For a lot of those family-owned businesses, every NFL game is like Christmas in terms of revenue, even though it’s only a small portion of the year.
    • Can businesses who rely so heavily upon fall Sundays come up with innovative business ideas to make up for that potential loss in business? In most cases, that’s nearly impossible.
    • So if as an agent, you get the maximum of 3% on a contract, you can get that only after the games are played. If games are not played, you’re going to have agents losing all of that money.
    • a wrench into many big businesses that spend heavily to be an NFL sponsor
  • tags: twitter

    • a simple, powerful, repeatable strategy: Tweet live during an episode’s first run. Tell your viewers about it with an on-air mention.
  • tags: MKTing

    • Apple tried to use evidence to persuade IT execs and big companies to adopt the Macs during the 80s. Ads and studies that proved the Mac was easier and cheaper to support. They failed. It was only the gentle persistence of storytelling and the elevation of evangelists that turned the tide.
    • peer pressure tries to repress these flip-flopping outliers
    • It wasn’t that the majority reviewed the facts and made a shift. It’s because people they respected sold them on a new faith, a new opinion.
  • tags: Groupon

    • one Portland, Ore., coffee-shop owner discovered, getting something for free can get very expensive
    • Not only did she underestimate the number of shoppers her Groupon promotion might attract, the discount offer itself was too generous.
    • business owners like Burke can pay a steep price for marketing experiments. While Posies’ foot traffic shot up by about a third after the promotion, the majority of her new customers did not spend above the value of the Groupon offer. Many of them used multiple Groupons at a time. They also neglected to tip staff members, attempted to use expired coupons and subsequently became irate with staff members when they were refused.

      “I consider it the single worst decision I’ve ever made as a business owner,” says Burke. “I could have done a lot more advertising for $10,000 with a lot less frustration.”

    • the importance of calculating the bottom-line business impact before experimenting with cutting-edge tactics
  • tags: CapitalOne credit loans

    • $50,000 loan from Capital One
    • Small Business Administration-guaranteed loan through Capital One in 2005 to buy printing equipment for his three-person fine art reproduction company in Davidson, N.C. He personally guaranteed the loan—as the SBA requires—and owes about $20,000 remaining. Although he has never missed a payment and his credit score, at 830, is nearly perfect
    • his FICO score could drop 25 to 75 points when the loan’s $20,000 balance gets reported, because the credit rating weighs total debt and the amount of available credit being used.

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