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daily Diigo 03/04/2011

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    • Content that connects with an audience is the key to inspiring an audience to listen, to engage and to take action. Content is the foundation of conversation. Conversation is the fuel that will ignite your success in social media.

      To create compelling, relevant and valuable content the first step is to learn, understand and get to know your audience. Learn who they are. What they like. What makes them tick. Seek opportunities to zoom past your competition based upon weaknesses in engagement strategies, inspiring and connecting.

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    • even keeping links from the tweet active in the snippet
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    • SocialOomph, let you send an automated direct message thanking new followers.
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    • So, for example, if you’re a lawn care company and you know that a typical customer spends $80 per month with you and that the average customer stays with your company for 3 years, then your Customer Lifetime Value would be $80 x 12 months x 3 years = $2,880.

      Once you know your CLV, you can decide how much you’d like to invest to acquire a customer. This is called your Allowable Cost Per Sale. Many people use 10% of their CLV as a starting point for their Allowable Cost Per Sale.

      • Here’s how the math works out:

        • Number of pieces sent: 200
        • Cost for printing and postage: $1.44
        • Total cost to send 200 pieces: $288
        • Response rate: 0.5%
        • Customers acquired: 200 pieces mailed x 0.5% response rate = 1 new customer

        See how that works? For every $288 spent, the lawn care company gets 1 new customer.

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