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daily Diigo 03/02/2011

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    • Compare that to competitor LivingSocial, which managed to surge traffic 80% with just one popular discount on Amazon.com.
    • getting your Google Places profile set up is an important step to claiming your presence online.
    • So how do you decide what categories to pick? Simply search for a term you want to be found for, and take a look at the Place Pages of the businesses listed.
    • make sure your info is consistent across all of the other business directory sites.

      Start with the two main ones that feed Google Places – Localeze and InfoUSA. If your information is incorrect in those databases, you could end up with that info re-appearing back in Google Places in addition to the beautiful profile you just created.

    • People rarely leave reviews for a good experience (but will always leave one for a bad experience) and the good ones are obviously more helpful. Send follow up emails to clients and ask for a review. If you have an email newsletter, ask in there. See a client using a smartphone? Ask if they have the Yelp app. Put the Yelp sticker in your window.
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    • Mr. Weston, who has sold his company’s audio and visual-presentation software to more than 9,000 houses of worship. “It was straight through word of mouth that I got more and more customers.”

      Churches are increasingly embracing technology. Many now have websites and social-media profiles, and some rely on audio and video tools to aid congregants seated far from the pulpit.

    • Germantown United Methodist Church in Germantown, Tenn., uses the services of several small technology providers, says Donna Thurmond, communications director. These include a Web-hosting, information-technology, videography and software company. The church, founded in 1840, has YouTube, Facebook and Twitter profiles.
    • You can imagine if I do it one time for a church, and there are things I learn, I can apply that knowledge to the next church I work with
    • Who better to sell your product or service than the man or woman standing in front of [the congregation] on a weekly basis? It’s someone they have a relationship with, and more importantly, it’s someone they trust
    • And as much as referrals can help businesses, bad work can put their reputations at risk among the congregation.

      “Anything that provokes an emotional reaction because it’s done wrong can result in bad word of mouth, particularly when you have groups that value each other’s opinion,” says Ms. Kahn. “People tend to talk more about dissatisfaction than they do satisfaction.

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    • The Girl & the Fig, which operates three restaurants and a catering business in Sonoma, California. The company publishes a monthly e-mail newsletter called Figbits, which typically includes recipes and information about upcoming events. The newsletter helped CEO Sondra Bernstein garner hundreds of preorders for her first cookbook as well as about 300 downloads of the company’s new iPhone app in two days.

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