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daily Diigo 03/01/2011

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    • limit your risk by adding innovation to a proven entity.
    • Look how the Japanese entered the auto industry, or how McDonalds imitated White Castle
    • Don’t assume imitation is reserved for children, animals, and dummies.
    • think about how you could do it better. Your innovation may be simply a better location, better service, or a better price, or it could be a technology innovation. At minimum, it can give you the money and experience to take your dream step later with less risk. In fact, your imitation with innovation may BE the “next big thing.”
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    • he asked the landlord of his New Hyde Park, N.Y.-based office space to cut his rent in half for six months.
    • “I banked on the fact that they would rather take the cut than lose a good relationship.” It worked.
    • Uresin placed a greater focus on selling through Amazon.com to reach a broader customer base. In a fervent attempt to become a top seller for the online retail giant, Uresin gathered and tested pricing data three times daily for five months to determine how the frequency of price adjustments — and the timing of those changes — affected sales. For example, he learned that adjusting product prices at 6 p.m. drew in more orders than at, say, 2 p.m.
    • Lessons Learned

      It wasn’t until Uresin began to dissect every aspect of his business that the turnaround began. “When bad things happen, sit down and analyze. Don’t look for a magic bullet,”

  • tags: productivity

    • “If you let things come at you all the time, you can’t use additional information to make a creative leap or a wise judgment,” says Cantor. “You need to pull back from the constant influx and take a break.” That allows the brain to subconsciously integrate new information with existing knowledge and thereby make novel connections and see hidden patterns.
    • two ways an info-glut can impair the unconscious system of decision making.
    • the unconscious system works best when it ignores some information about a complex decision. But here’s the rub: in an info tsunami, our minds struggle to decide if we can ignore this piece … or that one … but how about that one?
    • How can you protect yourself from having your decisions warped by excess information? Experts advise dealing with emails and texts in batches
    • Some people are better than others at ignoring extra information.
    • If you think you’re a maximizer, the best prescription for you might be the “off” switch
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    • vegan Best Actress Natalie Portman had the option of vegetable paella with saffron, white wine, chilli and parsley.
  • Screenr, Overstream, Jing, GoView, Screencast-o-Matic

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  • What does Chipolte and Ian’s Pizza (Madison, WI) have in common?

    Both gave away food where the reporters were camped out!

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  • tags: tools

    • Can free tools grow with you? If they cannot, they may cost you more in a business crisis. Free tools can often mean no support. When you need more extensive solutions and live customer service, is there a paid option that you can grow into?
  • tags: FaceBook

    • Now, anything “Liked” will plant itself onto users’ Facebook walls as embedded posts, thumbnail image and all. Previously, anything “liked” was shown as a part of Recent Activity – a small, nearly unnoticeable gray line of text.
    • this new retweet button

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