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daily Diigo 02/28/2011

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  • Be inspiring.

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  • tags: twitter

    • new twitter users usually join due to two different reasons, for business or pleasure.
      • When asking a question on Twitter add at least one active community hashtag and context. If you can ask a particular expert, or someone familiar with the subject you are more likely to get a response.
      • The ideal tweet regarding what you are eating would have an image, preferably before you started to eat it.
  • tags: taxes tools

    • The IRS estimates that filing your own business taxes will take approximately 52 hours.
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  • tags: QRcodes

    • Your QR code should simply contain a URL directing to your mobile web presence. You can easily create a free QR code with services like bit.ly or goo.gl, and they come with the added benefits of shortening your URL (which compresses the size of the QR code) and some basic tracking.
  • tags: blogging

    • Any advice for aspiring writers?

      Be your bad, dorky self. Cook the food you love. Don’t work for free. Send all e-mails that contain the words “SEO improvement,” “link exchange”, and “we think your readers want to know about…” into a folder marked Never— it’s just noise. 

  • Part 2: Great Ideas… (around 1:09 mark)
    Part 7: Learning… (around 0:37 mark)
    Part 11: Eight-hour workday… (around 0:25 mark)

    tags: startup ActionPlans

      • Part 2: Great Ideas… (around 1:09 mark)The Challenge: Spend time with the customers who are supposedly having problems those ideas are designed to solve. Is this a serious problem in their lives? Is there a dramatic need you can fulfill?
      • Part 7: Learning… (around 0:37 mark)  What can I do today to learn what my fundamental business is going to be? And how can I improve it? Forget mainstream customers. Go after the early adopters.
      • Part 11: Eight-hour workday… (around 0:25 mark) Everyone is a potential customer.Use that pattern matching and unconscious thinking ability of your brain.
  • tags: viral restaurant

    • A week ago Tuesday, the shop delivered 60 free slices to the Capitol and a blogger soon sang Ian’s praises. Next, the owners said, a protest supporter in California called to say, “Can I order two pizzas to send up to the Capitol?”

      Word spread on Facebook and Twitter, and soon Ian’s pizzas went viral. Some days Ian’s has cut off donations at $25,000 because that is the maximum value of pies it can produce.

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