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    • Editor Cindy Cotte Griffiths told Nieman Lab that they’re considering other revenue streams, like hosting conferences and community events — a natural extension of a huge Facebook presence. And when you first visit the Rockville Central Facebook page, you’re asked if you want to sign up for an old-fashioned email newsletter — which by itself could become a decent revenue driver.

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    • If you are stingy to your customers, you will not become successful. Let me repeat that, if you are stingy to your customers, you will NOT become successful. You need to allow your business to revolve around your community. It pays to give back. Not only is it rewarding, it’s a strategic business move.

    • Your customers will be talking about your business for generations to come if you treat them well. Don’t ever undervalue customer service when building your business. If you haven’t been focusing on customer service, I believe it’ll be the single most important thing to revitalize your business.

  • tags: productplacement

    • by hiring a product-placement agency

    • While a number of agencies are located on the U.S. East Coast, most operate in the greater Los Angeles area close to the Hollywood studios,

    • Agency contracts can be one-off deals or retainer contracts, which generally cost smaller brand owners between $2,500 and $10,000 a month

    • If a business owner opts to act as his or her own agent instead, Stone suggests scanning trade publications like Variety and The Hollywood Reporter for production charts, which contain "log lines," or brief summaries of upcoming films with contact information for the respective production company.

    • "And, to be honest, we like being able to say, ‘If you want to drink the wine Annette Bening was drinking…’ In our tasting room, people really respond to that."

  • use the iPad to translate conversations with members that do not speak English.

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  • Toggl, yaTimer, Tick

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    • "If you want to reward someone for walking in your store, you cannot use GPS," Roeding says. "It’s way too inaccurate. There’s an error radius of about 500 yards, meaning I still don’t know if you’re inside the store, out in the parking lot or across the street at a competitor."

    • Shopkick instead incorporates a patent-pending device

    • emitting an audio signal that’s undetectable to the human ear but automatically picked up by a smartphone’s internal microphone. Because the signal’s range is limited to the perimeter of the store, users must physically enter the location to earn kickbucks. And as Roeding points out, because detection occurs via the mobile device, consumers retain control over the privacy of their presence information.

    • "Eighty percent of Foursquare users are male and 70 percent are between the ages of 19 and 35," Roeding says. By contrast, he notes, "55 percent of our users are female. Forty-nine percent of all users are aged 25 to 39, and 13 percent are 40 or older. Only 6.5 percent are 13 to 17. It’s the perfect shopper demographic."

  • tags: apps

    • Would people really want to put your app on their phone?

    • average heavy mobile app users only have about ten apps installed

    • the reality of mobile app use is actually very limited. Your app is vying for a spot on the user’s phone.

  • tags: apps

    • if you decide to only make an iPhone app, fewer than 7% of all mobile phone users will be able to use it.

    • And if you develop three different apps to cover these three most common platforms, you’re going to potentially triple your cost.

    • at least $30,000 to design, implement and deploy a brand-quality iPhone app.

  • tags: ActionPlans

    • Hyundai launched its buyers reassurance program. The idea was simple: If you lose your job, you can return the car. Hyundai struggled to compete in the American marketplace. Yet with this tactic, its market share increased

    • In each instance, tactics moved markets. That’s because in the tug of war between strategy and tactics, they are really one and the same.

    • Tactics also provide tangible evidence of progress to the organization. It makes the strategy (and change) visible and real. And when strategy and tactics are intertwined, a manager can exploit competitive missteps, address crises proactively, and capitalize on ideas that emerge from cultural shifts. Learning is a byproduct of action, not inaction.

    • do something small that might become gigantic. Act accurately, but by all means, act.

  • tags: socialmedia ActionPlans

    • 2. Use social media. "It’s all about Facebooking, Tweeting and friending people," she says. "It’s huge. When we introduced new dishes for the frozen food line, we invited top bloggers to come and taste it. And they spread the word."

  • tags: klout influence

    • 25-year-old account executive at a public-relations firm got an email inviting her to a swanky holiday party on Manhattan’s West Side.

    • she had been singled out as a "high-level influencer" by the event’s sponsors, including the Venetian and Palazzo hotels in Las Vegas

    • So much for wealth, looks or talent. Today, a new generation of VIPs is cultivating coolness through the world of social media. Here, ordinary folks can become "influential" overnight depending on the number and kinds of people who follow them on Twitter or comment on their Facebook pages.

  • Klout, PeerIndex, Twitalyzer, CrowdBooster

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  • restaurant

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  • 1. High Speed 2. Social Media Shoppers 3. Maximize Mobile Media 4. Online is their GPS to the Store

    tags: statistics

      • 1. High Speed__-78% use the internet as a primary source of info__2. Social Media Shoppers__-64% visit video sharing websites__-94% who watch online video visit YouTube__-41% watching video leads to a purchase online__3. Maximize Mobile Media__-32% more likely to have a smartphone__ -93% use a mobile phone regularly__-78% used a search engine to research something seen on TV__-93% use Google as primary search engine__4. Online is their GPS to the Store__-61% made a purchase in-store after seeing online ads while researching products__-53% use search engines to gather info on products & shop__
  • tags: statistics economy

    • the poorest 90 percent of Americans make an average of $31,244 a year

  • tags: trends


    • being resourceful and bootstrapping is officially cool.

    • cut out products and services that have little value. Simplifying your offerings gives you the opportunity to differentiate yourself and maintain (if not increase) your price points for products or services that you do best.

    • 8. MOBILITY

    • sending text messages to customers from the Web

    • convert your web site or blog to be viewed easily on the web.

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